Men’s Health Week

It’s men’s health week! Let’s talk about mental health.

On this eve of Father’s Day, it seems appropriate to highlight some men’s mental health statistics about depression.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health and Mental Health America, over 6,000,000 males struggle with depression, and the actual number could be even higher as male depression often goes undiagnosed. Men ages 35-64 years have the highest risk of suicide.

Men are more likely to report fatigue, irritability, loss of interest in work or hobbies instead of sadness or feelings of worthlessness. Some symptoms to watch out for include:

Anger, irritability, or aggressiveness

Noticeable changes in mood, energy level, or appetite

Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much

Difficulty concentrating, feeling restless, or on edge

Increased worry or feeling stressed

Misuse of alcohol and/or drugs

Sadness or hopelessness

Suicidal thoughts

Feeling flat or having trouble feeling positive emotions

Engaging in high-risk activities

Aches, headaches, digestive problems without a clear cause

Unusual thinking or behaviors that concern other people

If you or anyone you know are struggling with these feelings, I urge you please to seek professional help. For more resources, please visit the NIMH Help for Mental Illnesses webpage here.

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